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How Southwest’s Upcycling Changed a Life

Adventurer B

When we conceived of the idea to upcycle our used leather seats from our cabin redesign, we hoped to accomplish three things: to do something innovative, help people look at waste a little differently, and make a difference in people’s lives. The story of James Jafya illustrates how a commitment to sustainability and upcycling can make a difference.  James' story epitomizes what I hoped to achieve through the LUV Seat project, and I hope you are as moved as I was hearing it. In this world so much is wasted that could be put to good use.  And at Southwest we are trying our best, but we need your help.  We need your help to find ways to use the 43 acres of leather we removed from our aircraft, and we want to see more great stories like James’. Let us know if you have an idea on how to repurpose the leather or an organization that can benefit.  Tweet or Facebook your ideas using the hashtag #LUVSeat.  You can find more stories of the LUV Seat project at or at  We’re starting with leather, but who knows where the journey will take us from here.