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How the Coffee we Serve, Serves Others



Tucked away in the mountainous region of Chiapas, Mexico are the remote villages of Tierra y Libertad and Unión Buenavista, where some of onboard partner, Community® coffee is grown. The treacherous terrain makes the areas difficult to reach, especially during the months of heavy rainfall, preventing teachers from accessing the community and limiting the educational resources available to the coffee farmers and their families. 


In response to this challenge, Southwest and Community Coffee have committed to making a donation for every pound of coffee served onboard nearly 4,000 daily Southwest flights, to the ECOM Foundation to help fund satellite schools in these remote areas.


The schools in these two villages, which opened this past fall, give the community access to online curriculum through satellite internet that provides access to secondary education and agricultural, technological and academic training for all community members. In addition, community members now have access to university level curriculum. Each classroom is equipped with computers and a local community member to facilitate the online classes. The classroom space has staggered scheduling for maximum usage, so the facilities can impact up to 2,400 individuals and families.


Coffee is the primary industry in these close-knit communities, and we want to do our part in ensuring their livelihood is sustainable for the future by equipping the community members with the educational resources, right in their own backyard. So, as Southwest celebrates one year of serving premium Community coffee onboard this month, we ask you to raise a cup and join us in giving back. ¡Salud!


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