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Southwest Airlines Community

Hunger Awareness Day

Adventurer C
Once again, Southwest Airlines Employees showed their SOUTHWEST SPIRIT by volunteering their time at the North Texas Food Bank during Hunger Awareness Day. On Tuesday, June 5, 80 Employees north-texas-food-bank-group-picture-2.jpgdonned their Share the Spirit T-shirts; loaded on buses; and headed to the North Texas Food Bank for a day of packing meals for those less fortunate. had-2007-011.jpgThanks to volunteers from Southwest, KPMG, and EDS, the Food Bank was able to provide 162,500 meals to those in need. This was an extra special day for the folks at the North Texas Food Bank, as they celebrated their 25th Anniversary, had-2007-027.jpgand their recently completed renovation and expansion. Hunger Awareness Day, once again, reminded us of those in need, and Southwest Employees were proud to be part of this terrific cause.
Frequent Flyer C
Wonderful Shelley! Did Brian pack his candycorn to share or did he eat all of it? :-) From one non party animal to another! Ding! boy Joe
Frequent Flyer B
Great job, Southwest! It's nice to read about an airline that does good things like this. It's just one of the many reasons why I want (& am going) to work for this Company! :) SWA LUV from a future RSA, CSA, & FA! 🙂
Explorer C
Hunger awareness day? This, from an airline that doesn't serve meals! Oh the irony. Just messing with you... you know we love those peanuts...
Explorer C
Great work, Shelley! Please let us know next time any event like that takes place, please, we'd love to participate. Love and Light, Tony LMT101075