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I Ran into My Helpful Southwest Employee at a Football Game ... 400 Miles Away!

Explorer C

In August, I flew Southwest from Raleigh to Buffalo; unfortunately, my bags never made it.  I went to the Baggage Service Office with a smile, explained the situation, and asked for assistance. I had a baptism and a wedding to go to the next day and only had the clothes on my back. The Customer Service Agent, Jackey, was very helpful and remarked about how nice I was being considering the situation. I fly Southwest a dozen or so times a year and lost my bags on only one other occasion; I figured I was due anyways. I told her that I would just wear my jeans and a shirt, but my wife wasn't thrilled with that idea. She took down information about what was missing: a suit bag containing a white linen suit and my wife's dress. I also cracked a few lame jokes about my expensive laptops and Rembrandts that were "also in the bag." Jackey smiled and laughed as my wife punched me in the arm.  A Southwest agent called the next morning after my bags were on the ground in Buffalo. I drove back to the airport to pick up my things and made the wedding! We missed the baptism but made the party afterwards.


Fast forward to mid September when we drove to Baltimore for a football game and I told this story to a friend who had a less pleasant experience with a competing airline. On Sunday, we were tailgating outside the stadium and talking with a woman who said she works for Southwest. I started to recount this story for her and she says "You're the guy with the white linen suit!"  She took off her sunglasses, and I realized the woman was Jackey! My friend laughed and remarked how I was literally telling him the story of my Southwest experience the day before. Jackey then began to recount her side, complimenting me for being a customer who was actually pretty happy during a frustrating situation.


Next time my wife and I are in Buffalo, we'll be sure to pop in the baggage service office to say hi.  Thanks again, Jackey!  You're a fantastic customer service agent!