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In with the new: Wichita’s Terminal Opens


You might notice something different the next time you touch down in Wichita, Kansas. OK, let’s be honest, you’ll notice it right away. This morning, officials at Wichita D. Eisenhower National Airport unlocked the doors to its brand new terminal. image2 All you have to do to experience the new amenities is step right off the airplane and into the jet bridge- one of 12 all-glass jet bridges. This is the largest installations in the United States of these slick-looking jet bridges. These are very similar to what you’ll see in only a handful of Southwest cities – like AMA. As you move into our gate space, you’ll see lots of windows which are designed to increase natural light, brand new seating equipped with power stations, terrazzo flooring, and brand new concessions. image4 Wichita is commonly referred to as the “Air Capital of the World.” When you leave the secure side of the terminal, you’ll step right into an aviation museum with information about Wichita’s rich aviation history. Don’t forget to look in all directions to take in the big, open space. Look up to see more pieces of art and the ceiling which is designed to mimic the look of an airplane interior. When it’s time to head out to the town, walk across the walkway and right into a new parking garage and rental car facility. For AvGeeks, there are plenty of places to do some spotting including at the top of the parking garage. image3 Don’t forget to say hello to our great Wichita Team when you’re flying through their new home. They are just as excited as the city for the new space and welcoming everyone to their state-of-the-art facility.