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Inside Southwest: Flight Simulators

Frequent Flyer C

Go Inside Southwest Airlines as we explore the Flight Training Center in Dallas, Texas to learn how Southwest Pilots train.
Explorer A
Awesome video - thanks for sharing
Explorer C
The Spirit of Joe Marott.. I love it!!
Explorer C
Way to go JOE... great job DJ
Adventurer B
That was neat! I felt like I was a pilot on that plane. Thanks. 🙂 I would LUV to try an SWA flight simulator for fun, but am afraid I'd crash! I think I better stick with serving snacks on my flights. :) SWA LUV! :) Fact for the day: 45-65% of your calories should come from carbs. That's one of the many things I'm learning in my Personal Nutrition class this semester. Yes, I'm back in school working towards my second Bachelor's degree, which will be in Nutrition. I want to be a dietician! 🙂 I have a particular group of patients I want to work with.
Explorer C
Great video, very inspirational for aspring SWA pilots.