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Internal Customer Care is a “Cool Job!”

Adventurer B

I don’t know many Southwest Employees who don’t feel like a member of the Southwest Family.  Our Family is never truer than when we face a significant life moment or something that requires a little TLC.  When I had surgery, receiving a Southwest blanket and heart pillow brightened my day and made me feel better!  These little bits of comfort came from the Internal Customer Care (ICC) Team whose whole responsibility is making Southwest Employees feel like family. Recently, FORTUNE Magazine was on the lookout for cool jobs at FORTUNE 500 companies–jobs that are unique to their Company that you probably won’t see anywhere else.  I am thrilled that FORTUNE chose our ICC Team as one of those cool jobs and highlighted the Team in a recent article. As FORTUNE was talking with the Team, I was able to sit-in on the interview and hear the stories and life-changing moments they face every day as our Employees go through life.  I cried and laughed with them hearing about how they support our military Employees and their families while they’re deployed; how much Southwest’s support and caring meant when a family was facing a cancer battle and, ultimately, a loss; and how they celebrate the joy of the birth of a long-awaited child.  It made me realize how unique and special this Team is and how amazing it is that we have a Company that considers Internal Customer Care such a priority.  Congrats to the ICC Team for not only having a “cool job,” but also for making a difference each and every day for Southwest Employees.