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Kid Rock Goes to Graceland, TN

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We’ve written before about Southwest’s great partnership with the Artists Den which has allowed us to send some of our Customers, Rapid Rewards Members, Corporate Clients, and Employees to exclusive and private concerts around the country where they were able to hear from Adele, Death Cab, and The Fray just to name a few.  As our partnership continued this year, we were able to treat some folks from our new AirTran family to an historic experience in Memphis, Tennessee. 

More specifically: Kid Rock rocked Graceland!

Snow was falling outside, but the air inside the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum was on fire when 300 guests (including some lucky AirTran Employees and Customers) were treated to an incredible show that rivaled an arena performance. Kid Rock and his band belted out hits like “Cowboy” and “Bawitdaba” and songs from his recent “Born Free” album, and they had the crowd literally rocking with them. The 15-song set even included a shout-out to The King with some “Burning Love” thrown in for good measure!

Click here for the Artists Den “Night in Pictures” for a glimpse of the evening!

Kidd Rock Jungle Room

Prior to the show in the museum, Kid Rock and his band, Twisted Brown Tucker, rocked an acoustic set in Graceland’s Jungle Room: the very place Elvis and his band would hold jam sessions.  In fact, Elvis thought it would look cool to have his green shag carpet not only on the floor, but also on the walls and ceiling of his den, which in addition to the waterfall in the corner, gives the room a true jungle feel.  Ironically, Elvis’ style choice also created a room with amazing acoustics!


You will definitely want to tune in this February when the next season of Live from the Artists Den kicks off on PBS.  Trust me…do not miss the Kid Rock episode.  
Don’t forget, for your chance to enjoy an incredible Artists Den experience, visit and sign up for the mailing list.  And while there, click on the Southwest Airlines banner to sign up for Click ‘n Save to ensure you never miss a great sale!

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