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LGBT+ Pride Month: Because of My Southwest Family, I get to be Me

Explorer C



This month we celebrate LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) Pride across the globe, and I am so lucky that I work for a Company that celebrates the diversity of the Southwest Airlines Family throughout the year. It's because of my work Cohearts, I get to be me at Southwest. 


Ethan 734 x 347.jpgPride, much like Southwest's Culture, is so broad and vast that it can't be defined in words—it is simply defined by and held within each of the Company's 53,000 Employees. Whether it's pride in being a Southwest Airlines Employee, pride in being a part of the LGBT+ community, or pride in who you are or where you come from—each one of us gets to decide what it means for us. 


I'm beyond proud when I tell people I work at Southwest Airlines thanks to my amazing Southwest Family. They provide the acceptance, support, and love for me, as a visible transgender man. I believe the story we share of acceptance, support, and love will become the norm for the transgender community as more folks come forward, share their truth, and live authentically.