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LUV Has Wings

Explorer C

You never know when LUV is about to find youor that LUV would bring it together, but it has, and it does. 


A Journey to LUV

Let me take you back a bit to June 2013. Living in Phoenix, I tend to vacation in places away from here to get a glimpse at those 'seasons' people talk about. I had flown out to Atlantastill a new Southwest City at the timeto visit friends and see the city again that I'd fallen for. What I wasn't expecting is that I'd fall again... 

Randy was a mutual friend of mine with my local friends, and we met for the first time at Six Flags in Georgia. We spent the day together there, and there was an instant connection between us. Something different than what I had experienced before. Over the rest of the weekend, we spent a lot of time getting to know each other until I found out that Randy was taken. On that final day, he drove me to Hartsfield, and took me as far as security, leaving only with a good hug.

The story, you'd think, ends there... but it does not. 

Over the next few years, we remained good friends, often looking out for each other and staying close. We talked every now and again, but something still felt very unresolved between us. We both had our relationshipsgood and badand in the fall of 2015, something changed. 

Rather, something DRASTICALLY SHIFTED. 

In November 2015, I had been going through a very rough patch with life. Things were very bumpy, and I wasn't a happy man. Randy reached out to me, and over the course of four days we realized that we missed out on the opportunity of a life time, and that  it had to change.

Enter Southwest. And enter LUV. 


Heart One at DALHeart One at DAL

A few clicks, and in February, I returned to Atlanta on the wings of LUV to meet Randy again...for the first time. It was special. Southwest made it possible. Repeat again in April. This time, Southwest helped me fly out to become engaged to Randy. We are preparing to be married with the help of LUV, and with the help of Southwest.  


I've been shooting back and forth from Phoenix to Atlanta on Southwest for the past year and a half, racking up RapidRewards points, and at the same time, logging Southwest cities in-betweensomething that will play into our wedding. 


Me & my fiance - at ATLMe & my fiance - at ATL
As we put together our ceremony, Southwest will be a part of it. We have decided to show  how we have been together through Southwest's LUV. From treat sacks with Southwest things to our guests, to having miniature Southwest jets as part of the reception decor and guests' party favors (One for each of the cities I've flown through.) As I continue to hop back and forth between Atlanta and Phoenix, you can be assured I will be aboard Southwest Airlines. In addition to being reliable, Southwest offers something very few carriers can give us: Genuine LUV from the heart. 

Thank you Southwest, and thank you to the hundreds of people I've met from Southwest through this amazing journey that is my LUV story. Thanks to you, I will marry my best friend and will have Southwest there to take us wherever our future journey takes us.