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LUV Is in the Air

Frequent Flyer C

Have you ever thought that one trip would change your life forever?



one luv.jpg



This happened to our Customers Michelle and Rocky. Michelle, a young talented hair stylist travelled for work. Her flight got delayed and she had to change flights to avoid misconnection. As she boarded her new aircraft looking for her seat, she found one that she thought was a nice, peaceful place where she can get comfortable and listen to her music and just enjoy the ride.  She asked a man, with the calm energy, if she could sit in his row. He stood up and allowed her to get settled. Rocky (the calm energy guy) who flies on Southwest Airlines frequently and has held A-List Preferred status for almost 10 years met his new seat mate on that day and she has been intriguing him ever since.


Their friendship grew deeper like nothing they have ever experienced. Michelle has become a RR companion as he continues to add number of flights on his A+ status in the friendly sky on his favorite airline.



two luv.jpg



Spring flowers are blooming as well as love between Michelle and Rocky. Rocky had a bright idea of moving his commitment to the next level. He wants Michelle to be his companion for life. Where is the best place to create BIG magic? Of course where they first met and gotten to know each other. Rocky made a call to Southwest Airlines for assistance and planning the proposal.



three luv.jpg



On February 26th Rocky and Michelle boarded the flight from Austin to Orlando. Once the seat belt sign turned off, Rocky shared how much he loves Michelle over the PA system and to Michelle surprise, he got on one knee and asking her to be his LUV and companion for life! It was magical and beautiful. Each Customers congratulated them. A little girl told Michelle that she was a princess. The Captain let the newly engaged couple sit in the cockpit for pictures.



four luv.jpg



 As Michelle and Rocky walked down the jet way, the door was shut. Rocky knocked and opened the door to a huge celebration! Everyone cheered for them. Flowers, Mickey Mouse style bride and groom hats, a bouquet of balloon flowers made by a Southwest Airlines Customer waiting to board his flight, and a bottle of champagne were given to the lovely couple. A Southwest Airlines Employee serenaded them with a beautiful song while Michelle and Rocky enjoyed posing for many pictures as the gate area was decorated to welcome them on their special day.



 five luv.jpgsix luv.jpg


To Michelle and Rocky, congratulations LUV birds!


Noparat "Boom" Elg, Manager of Customer Service at Southwest Airlines Co.


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Explorer B

I love this story and the picturesSmiley Very Happy