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LUV Mail: Thanks for the Lift

Explorer A

As I look back at the amazing projects that I have been a part of during my time at Southwest, one of my favorites is undoubtedly LUV Mail. I love reading the heartfelt messages that our Customers have written to our Employees and that our Employees have written for each other. Customer Jim Fogarty’s letter to Captain Erik Stein is no exception. When Mr. Fogarty learned that he had missed his connecting flight from DEN to TPA, and that it was the last flight to TPA that evening, he was not sure how or when he would get home. However, thanks to Captain Erik Stein, Mr. Fogarty was presented with a most agreeable option. Captain Stein suggested that Mr. Fogarty board the next flight to MCO—which Captain Stein was scheduled to fly—and he then offered to give Mr. Fogarty a ride from Orlando to Tampa, a distance of around 90 miles. Mr. Fogarty works with some of our country’s best and brightest first responders, so he knows a thing or two about selflessly serving those in need. He could hardly believe the lengths that Captain Stein offered to rescue him from his unfortunate situation. He accepted Captain Stein’s offer and spent an hour and half or so in the car with Captain Stein on his way home. In that time, Mr. Fogarty learned a lot about our amazing Captain, including how serious he and his Fellow Employees are about providing excellent Customer Service. Captain Stein definitely made a believer out of Mr. Fogarty, reinforcing all that he had heard about Southwest from his nephew, Joe Fogarty, who is one of our DEN Flight Attendants. Captain Stein and Mr. Fogarty met up again not too long ago for another road trip. But this time, as a thank you for the ride from Orlando to Tampa, Mr. Fogarty did all the driving. Captain Stein was treated to a tour of Seattle, Washington, where Mr. Fogarty spends the majority of his time as Director of King’s County Emergency Medical Services. Watch the video that captures their experience as the two went on the road again!