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LUV Mail: Wave of LUV

Explorer A

As the last weeks of summer wash over us, I wanted to share a story about a delightful boy and a special Southwest Pilot, DAL Captain Mike Hickey. Aviation has long captured the imagination and interest of people of all ages and from all walks of life.  It’s a pastime that both grandparents and grandchildren can share and enjoy, which is the case with five-year-old Hudson and his grandfather “Poppa,” who love spending time together watching planes take off and land near their hometown airport, Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ). It was on an outing to watch planes through the perimeter fence at ABQ that Hudson received one of the greatest thrills of his young life, while Poppa stood close by.  Hudson  waved at several planes that day as he observed them taxi in and out, but he was beside himself with excitement when one Captain took time to set the brake of his aircraft and wave back at him and his Poppa. On her Facebook page, Hudson’s mom, Trisha Hughes, posted an open thank you to the “kind Pilot” who brightened her son’s day.  She also authored guest posts on our Employee and Nuts About Southwest blogs about Hudson’s experience. Thanks to a little investigative work, we identified Mike and arranged for the two aviation buffs to meet.  Watch as Hudson met his idol, Southwest Pilot Mike, and learned more about aviation in his pursuit to one day become a pilot himself.   Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll choose Southwest for his career when he achieves that goal.