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LUV Notes

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The sounds of LUV could be heard through the halls of Southwest Airlines’ Headquarters on Valentine’s Day this year, thanks to the voices of our nine Marketing Interns, better known as the SWAmazing SWAlentines!  For a small fee, Southwest Employees could send a singing telegram to croon to an unsuspecting cubicle, meeting, or even Gary Kelly!  The SWAlentines dressed the part wearing pink tutus, red suspenders, and winglets, of course. 


Our talented Interns wrote parody songs themselves, including “Love Field” (sounds sort of like the B52’s “Love Shack”), “L-O-V-E” (similar to the Nat King Cole classic), and "Tearin’ up the Skies” (an NSYNC-sounding mash-up).  On Monday morning, the entire Corporate Sales Team (including 13 virtual Employees who were listening via speaker phone) was serenaded with an exuberant “Love Field” during our monthly conference call.  It was a great way to send some LUV and Culture to our Coworkers’ in their home offices!


Now, I will leave you with the lyrics from my personal favorite SWAlentine song… Enjoy!


L is for the way we LUV no fees

O is for only two bags fly free

V is very very extra SWArdinary

E is even more than all the EarlyBird Checkins cause

LUV is all that I can give to you

And LUV is more than just our stock symbol

Herb and Gary can make it

Take our Company and please don’t break it

LUV was made for flying too!