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LUV, Plane Cookies, and an Engagement: Southwest to the Rescue


newborn.jpgI still look at my little brother as if he is a little boy with big blue eyes and long blond hair that despite the fact grew into a natural mullet, my mother refused to cut it.  With nearly six years of age difference Matthew and I fought daily, annoyed each other to literal tears and drove my mother insane as I would scream, "MOM! He is looking at me again!"


Still, Matthew was *my* little brother and over the years we have gone from foes to the best of friends bonding over finally having to be an adult, food, and our mother that while we adore, drives as crazy as we once did to her.


As life often doesn't play out exactly how we want it, Matthew lives 800 miles away so that he can be near the love of his life, Anna.  I adore Anna-a bubbly girl with long blond hair and a smile so honest you can see the pureness in her heart. I knew they would spend the rest of their lives together so when Matthew texted me to say he was finally going to ask Anna to marry him, I knew I would be making the trip up there soon.


I am the one in the family known for my organization and planning skills, so it came to no surprise to anyone when he said, "Oh by the way ... I'm doing it next Saturday."  Thanks for the notice little bro.


Thanks to Southwest and my amazing ability to travel for free as an Employee of Southwest Airlines, I was able to take advantage of one the many available flights between our hometown of Dallas and Denver and before I knew it, we were on a 737.  My mother and I excitedly told every Employee we encountered, "We are going to Denver to see my little brother/son propose!" They would share our excitement and ask us to pass along their well wishes and congratulations.  


While on the plane, I took part in the ever so popular #SWANapkinArt trend going on, trying to pass the time as quickly as possible.  And of course, using my favorite Southwest in-flight snack to help illustrate my story.





We landed in Denver in just enough time to make it to the proposal location, joining Anna's family on a gorgeous rooftop patio hidden from the street so we didn't ruin the surprise.  It wasn't long before Matthew and Anna made their way up the stairs and Anna received the surprise of her life-Matthew on one knee.


Southwest allowed a big sister to be with her brother as he proposed.Southwest allowed a big sister to be with her brother as he proposed.


We could only stay long enough to toast to the new couple and enjoy brunch - far too quickly I found myself hugging my new sister-in-law to be goodbye.  We returned to the Denver airport and waited for our flight home, again telling everyone, "My little brother just proposed!" and once again feeling palpable excitement from every Employee we shared our news with.


Southwest has always been there to connect me to places I need to be--both as an Employee utilizing my privileges and as a Customer redeeming my hard earned Rapid Rewards Points.  I am beyond appreciative that Southwest allowed me to witness the start of Matthew's and Anna's forever and will continue to serve me so that I can join in the remaining festivities!