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LUV and Happiness

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I was inspired by an article I read recently on Motley Fool by Selena Maranjian titled, Go Ahead and Buy Happiness. In it she talks about whether money can bring you happiness and references Gretchen Rubin's website with things you might do to spend money by creating an environment to make or keep you happy. Now this gets interesting. Can money buy you happiness? Some of the examples used in the article that help create happiness reminded me of the Culture that we try to keep at Southwest Airlines that maybe has become a part of me as well. These examples included: • Spending time with family--You've read in various posts in the blog how we try to create an environment of family at Southwest. The photos of people and their families that line swahallswide.jpgthe walls of our Headquarters is another example of creating a family environment. Travel also allows families to stay in touch. I appreciate this with my family and friends across the country. I've realized that once-annoying parents, siblings and cousins are fun and important to me. • Experiences rather than things --Travel, by nature, is a means that provides memorable experiences, and I have been very fortunate to use my benefits to connect with my family and friends as well as see the world and try my hand at new experiences, like surfing! Fortunately or unfortunately, I will not be leaving Southwest to pursue the surfing tour. • Exercise (OK, maybe a stretch here at Southwest)--Now that I'm a little older, my health has become more important to me, and exercise is a part of my routine. OK, and buying an iPod Shuffle has definitely made it more enjoyable. I think I'm actually enjoying running listening to my killer list of songs (Special thanks go to The Fratelli's!) on my Shuffle. • Making someone else happy--Our various Culture activities that have been written about show how rewarding it is when you do things to thank others and remember them. The Adopt-A-Pilot program, LUV Rations, and other activities I've been involved with at Southwest have definitely shown how great you feel when you do things for others. Selena talks about creating a happiness index that included Southwest Airlines and other companies that fit in with the examples above. What about buying stock in companies that fit these goals? Interesting. Why not? If you enjoy these activities, you'd consume the services or products of these companies and, hopefully, they'd be profitable. Maybe I'll create my own happiness index. It's an interesting perspective on how we view money and I think she has some very valid points. I'm happy. So what do you think? Can you buy happiness by spending money on these types of stocks/activities/things?
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Ms. Allen, I am writing a term paper, and during my research I found that Southwest ceased to participate in FORTUNE's Ã
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Tim, I can answer that question for you. This Fortune survey requires a lot of time on our part to participate--there are a lot of questionaires and interviews involved. A few years ago, we made the decision (and it was a difficult one) that our time could be better spent devoted to our operation rather than the survey. It is possible that things could change in the future, but we simply couldn't devote the necessary resources to this project. Brian
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When something works - works well, fairly and efficiently - why mess with it. IThe new number system adds complexity to a previously simple process. And for us business travelers, simple, no hassle processes are best.
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Well Southwest, You guys have officially lost a customer, and I sincerely hope that I am not the only one. With all of your hype about Southwest supporting the family and being a family oriented business, I am disappointed to see your "Gay Travel" page. Disgusted would be a more appropriate term than dissappointed, I think. To me and, despite what our dispicable liberal media claims, the majority of God fearing people in this country there is nothing more anti-family than the promotion of a lifestyle that is so inherently wrong and diabolically opposed to God's teachings about the family. I cannot and will not support or give my business to a company that publically supports and advocates homosexuality. A disgusted former Southwest traveler, Travis Caraway
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Hello from Olympia, WA... I have flown Southwest since its inception in the 70s and appreciate the new frontiers it has always flown into. I always smile when I fly Southwest and feel a sense of pride being a Texan who remembers the humor, wit, great service, and accessibility you had from the get go that has helped make you successful today. I had one idea recently...and perhaps it belongs in the nutty category...but I recently had to sit through an all staff meeting that made me antsy, weary, and eager to bolt and run--often how I feel when traveling all day on a plane. Then...during the lunch hour...they played Bingo! I immediately groaned at the prospect (thoughts of my grandparents in Handley, Texas), but you worked! We all quieted down, became absorbed, and had fun. And I thought that Southwest should introduce Bingo on some of its planes to keep passengers occupied, calm, and having fun...especially if when you won you got a free flight somewhere or coupons at certain airports for lattes! Anyway, forgive this long email, and congratulations for continuing to bring lofty and creative thinking to people who have become jaded with most corporate and business mentalities! Best wishes from the rainy state of Washington. MCCraig
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Hi I am a flt attendant for another airline but have always appreciated the model Southwest has created for itÃ
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One Question? For years passengers were allowed to use GPS on SWA. I would pass the time with my Airmap 2000. In June the policy was changed and GPS is now listed on the never allowed column in Spirit magazine. The Flight AttendantÃ
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I have an assignment that related with Southwest airlines. Can anybody explained to me about LUV? because i can't find out the definition of it.. thanks before.. Keep up the good work!! Cheers, Karina
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Question? Is it the policy now of Southwest to not allow pre-boarding for passergers with small children. My daughter-in-law and 3 month old grandson were flying from Reno to the bay area. She was advised that they could not pre-board. The reason given was that buiness travelers complained. If this is indeed the policy I will no longer fly Southwest and I wil make sure all my family and friends are well aware of this unfriendly family policy. What makes it even worse is your making young family stand in your ABC lines.