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Let’s Celebrate: Southwest's 2017 ProfitSharing Day!


There are a host of reasons why I love working at Southwest Airlines. Among them are flight privileges that allow me to travel the world, the amazing Culture, and the incredible People who I get to work alongside. Though, another reason that makes Southwest great is the Company’s desire to give back to its Employees through ProfitSharing. That’s right, today is ProfitSharing Day, the day when we celebrate last year’s financial success and also the day that our ProfitSharing award is paid out to Employees!




Our CEO Gary Kelly put it simply, “When our Company does well, our People do really, really well.” I count it an honor and privilege to work for a Company that puts its People first and shares a portion of its profit with Employees. This year’s ProfitSharing award amounts to $586 million for Southwest Employees. That means that eligible Employees will be awarded 13.2 percent of their eligible compensation as part of ProfitSharing. This award helps us to save and plan for our future retirement, while also enjoying a portion of ProfitSharing to be paid out in cash.




We have a saying here at Southwest that governs how we approach everything we do: “One Team. All Heart.” Each Employee plays a part in owning our success and providing that legendary Southwest Customer Service and Hospitality to every Customer. We don’t take our success for granted because we know we have to continue taking pride in our Company and working as one Team with Southwest Heart.


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