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Little Southwest LUVer

Aviator A

Little SW LUVers.jpg

Southwest's official Purpose is to connect People to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. My family is a perfect example of how Southwest and their People accomplish that every day!


Southwest's flexibility and affordability, along with their awesome A-List and Companion Pass programs, have always been the perfect fit for me and my wife. Lots of work travel has allowed us to have lots of fun travel, and this continues to be true now, after we’ve had our first child!


Given that all of her grandparents live in other states, our baby girl is becoming a fairly frequent flyer. Recently, while we were waiting to board a flight leaving Houston, I told baby girl all about the boarding process. While she enjoyed watching the planes move around the airfield, she really LUVs to wave at other Passengers as we make our way down the aisle during boarding. We look forward to many more trips with this little future A-Lister.


My wife and I love to share travel experiences as a family, and we have tons of LUV in our hearts for Southwest!