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Live at 35: Enchanted in the Sky!


On Friday, March 30th, passengers loaded one of our canyon blues in Indy, bound for the Magic Kingdom.  Not to be outdone by the mouse, there was some magic in store for these Customers on our flight, as those who spied the official Live in the Vineyard decal could have guessed.

The decaled Southwest plane serves as a concert venue in the sky for our Live at 35 concert series.

Truly, the best seat in the house on one of our Live at 35 flights is not sitting at all; it’s when you’re the one holding the intercom up so the artist can sing into it.  I had the great honor to do just that on our recent Orlando-bound flight with singer/songwriter Jon McLaughlin.

Jon performed “Beautiful Disaster,” and his new single, “Summer is Over,” which we were lucky enough to capture in the video below.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and are lucky enough to see a concert Live at 35.

And be sure to check out our Live In The Vineyard Spotify playlist!

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