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Live at 35: Tiny Apple Trees in the Sky

Retired Community Manager

Vicci Martinez reminds me of one of my friends growing up.  Vicci and I are the same age, and both her and the previously-mentioned friend bear a similar resemblance, but the parallels go far beyond face value.
Sitting down and talking to Vicci, we chatted about music, her random foray into the master cleanse, Vine (she was Southwest's first), and life in general.  There are people who during conversation come across as guarded, and with whom you can sense you're getting a watered-down version of the actual story.  Not Vicci.  She's a cool cat, and as genuine as they come.
And that's not even to speak anything of Vicci's pipes.  The woman can sing!  While Live at 35 en route to Denver, Vicci performed Tiny Apple Trees off her album, Vicci. I don't know for sure whether there's intended wordplay, but Vicci definitely conquered the performance. 
See for yourself: