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Living Without Liquids - Post script

Explorer B
My recent post on the subject seems to have raised as many questions as I had tried to answer. In short, there is still a lot of confusion about what can, and cannot, be taken through the security checkpoint and, once through security, what items you might have purchased on the concourse can be taken on the airplane. Since these restrictions are subject to change by our friends at TSA when they believe the threats are changing, the most helpful thing I can tell you all is that, if you have questions, there is one place on the internet where you should always be able to get the most current information: TSA's list of Permitted and Prohibited Items I hope this helps. Thanks for all your questions and feedback. We appreciate it. If, based on the TSA's latest rules, you have a great packing idea to share, let us know. 
Explorer C
Greetings, I am accustomed to consuming a 3-4 quarts of water per day and recently flew RDU>Reno and was constantly asking for water on the plane to stay hydrated. Perhaps bottles of water could be offered to passengers as they walk on the plane. I realize it may increase cost as more folks may be inclined to take one and secondarily that it may increase trash on the plane (both detriments to maintaining a lean and efficient air line). The only sure answer is to keep ringing the flight attendant button and asking for water (it is my experience that Southwest attendents will not hand out bottles of water when asked nor will they provide you more than one water cup). Best regards, Jerome
Adventurer C
I just started packing ALL of my liquid type things in my checked bag..I put them in Zip-locks after making sure the tops are nice and tight and the roll the bags tightly around whats in them and stuff them in the zippered area of the suitcase.. I know its a pain and some people think its stupid to have all these new rules but for me, I just want to get to where I am going and whatever that takes I will comply with.. We never really had to check bags before, just had carry-ons but hey, I guess if you want to get to where your going you have to do what you have to do.. It can be frustrating when you stand in the security lines and 10 people in front of you want to test the system..Maybe if they did 2 lines with really BIG signs, one that says for people that want to comply and the other that says for those that want to test us..Maybe after they saw how long they have to stand in line they would just go by the rules..
Explorer A
My roommate works for another airline as a ramp agent. His last day off was 14 August.
Explorer A It looks like some restrictions ahve been relaxed.
Explorer C
Explorer C
My family and I will be flying southwest in June can you please send me a list of what can and cannot be brought onto the plane, we would like to make boarding as painless as possible. We haven't flown in a few years and I know that rules have changed. Thanks for your information. Janet
Aviator C
Janet, please see the link to the TSA site in Edward's post above. It should answer your questions. Brian