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Meet Our May Star: Henry Koslim

Explorer C

“When it’s time to work, we work. When it’s time to have fun, we definitely have fun.”

Henry Kosalim, Safety & Security Lead Analyst 


As a child, Henry Kosalim created an imaginary airline, including his own fleet and routes. This passion for aviation paved the way for Henry’s career as a Safety & Security Lead Analyst at Southwest Airlines. As an analyst, Henry examines Safety audits and works to resolve risks before they turn into Safety issues. Whether he’s helping fellow Employees or staying late to complete his own tasks, Henry works behind the scenes to provide a smooth takeoff. After more than five years with Southwest, Henry takes pride in being a part of the best airline, especially in terms of Safety. Henry, your hard work and dedication is recognizable to all—there’s no doubt you’re a star! 


From the Start “I had an internship in 2011, and I immediately knew I wanted to work at Southwest. I thought it was awesome that Employees from different departments were friends.” 


Speak Up “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to communicate well and to be kind to others.”


Old Habits “I used to watch airplanes every weekend with my father. We would drive to the airport, and watch airplanes take off and land. Sometimes, I still sit and watch for hours.”


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