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Meet Our October A-Lister: Bobby Bones, “The Bobby Bones Show” Host


“Put in the hours. You’ll mess up a lot, but you’ve got to make mistakes to get better.”—Bobby Bones, “The Bobby Bones Show” Host

 Photo by John SchweikertPhoto by John Schweikert

If laughter is the best medicine, Bobby Bones has cured a multitude of ills. His sense of humor and work ethic have built an impressive résumé as a nationally syndicated morning radio program host, stand-up comedian, and best-selling author. But the chart-topping headline is his philanthropy work. Bobby credits his listeners for helping him create a platform that has raised millions of dollars for numerous charities and causes, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He also credits Southwest with getting him to gigs with friendly service, allowing him to earn a sizable Rapid Rewards points balance, plus A-List Preferred and Companion Pass status. Bobby, thanks for being a fan of Southwest. We’re certainly a fan of yours!


—Ana Schwager, Communications & Outreach


Travel Tips “Just be comfortable: It’s a pajama party for me when I go to the airport.”


The Right Notes “I have a band called The Raging Idiots, and we put out a couple of projects a year. I like doing records for kids. I like to be motivational, but mostly educational without being over-the-top goofy.”


New Beginnings “Get started at whatever level you can. It’s hard to get ahead if you can’t even get into the door.” 


Clear Career “I’ve always known what I wanted to do. When I was five, I asked for my first radio.”