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Meet our July Star: Laurie Liss

Adventurer B

“I love talking to Customers and hosting them in my living room in the sky.”

                                                                                 —Laurie Liss, Flight Attendant


Laurie Liss_HoyoungLee.jpg


Whenever Customers meet Flight Attendant Laurie Liss, they experience true Southwest Hospitality. Along with anticipating Customers’ needs, Laurie gives handmade travel pillows to active military members and veterans. When she flies, she carries a dozen of them in her bag. In November, Laurie will be a part of Operation Freedom Bird, a trip bringing Vietnam veterans on a healing journey to Washington, D.C. Laurie also participates in local projects to make superhero capes for kids with medical conditions. Thank you, Laurie, for being an example of a true Servant’s Heart. 


Life Lessons “I’ve learned that you get back what you put in. Even small gestures can make a big difference in a Customer’s day.”


All for One “Every day we have the chance to show Customers that Southwest
is made up of individual Employees who care.”


Small World “When I gave a pillow to a group of veterans in the gate area, I learned they were going to Phoenix to play bingo with other World War II veterans. They told me about a 92-year-old friend who could still fit in her uniform! I realized I knew who they were talking about: I had the pleasure of meeting Rose on an Honor Flight a few months prior.”