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Meet the Filmmakers: Celeste and Jesse Forever, Part 3


This is the final part of a video series on Lee Toland Krieger and Will McCormack, makers of the Sundance film “Celeste and Jesse Forever.” The cast includes Rashida Jones (also co-writer), Andy Samberg and Elijah Wood. This year, Southwest Airlines partnered with the Sundance Film Festival to fly selected filmmakers to screen their work in other cities during the festival.

In the conclusion, Lee Toland Krieger and Will McCormack cap off their travels with the East Coast premiere of “Celeste and Jesse Forever” at Boston’s Coolidge Corner Theatre. The duo also talks about the gratification of selling a film after years of trying to make it, and also their hopes for the film’s future.

Thanks to Lee, Will, and the folks at Sundance for allowing us to capture this behind-the-scenes piece. Enjoy.