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Southwest Airlines Community

Monarchs are Cleared for Landing in the Garden!

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Over the past several seasons, the HDQ Community Garden has been evolving right in the midst of our busy campus. We’ve had lots of fun and plowed through many opportunities to learn and teach about earth-friendly gardening methods with our SWA family while sharing our crops with our surrounding community food banks.  We have always aspired to share our learning and have been open to new suggestions and interests to include as many folks and interests as possible.

As more people learn about the Garden, more opportunities come our way.  This recently produced a wonderful addition to the SWA community garden. Recently, Chad Martin from Dallas Inflight contacted us about a way the Green Ambassadors from Dallas Inflight could get in all the buzz and excitement being generated by the garden. After a short conversation to discuss possibilities, we settled on the idea to provide a butterfly habitat for the garden. The timing for this opportunity could not have come at a better moment.

This past winter the Dallas County Master Gardeners (DCMG) selected our garden as a project site which they will sponsor with horticulture education and know-how all in the interest of advancing local gardening awareness. Duddly Hargrove, Lynn Trull and Ray Powers from the DCMG quickly ran with our request to produce a butterfly habitat at Southwest Airlines. We very quickly were able to turn DAL Inflight Green Ambassadors’ interests and our relationship with the Master Gardeners into a location in our garden that will help sustain the annual butterfly migration passing through Dallas. Welcome, Monarchs!

Happy Gardening, and enjoy the butterflies this season!