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Aviator C
Next up, we have a question and answer session about AirTran with Mike Van de Ven, our Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer,  Bob Jordan, our Executive Vice President Strategy and Planning, and Jeff Lamb, our Senior Vice President Administration and Chief People Officer.  Don't forget that you can watch the proceedings live at our Facebook page under the "Live" tab.
Explorer C
I wish you'd come to CANADA!! I'm a Southwest fan, have been for a really long time, but I just wish I could fly with you! I'm in Toronto, I hate taking Air Canada, they're so snotty and think they are so good, when they really aren't! I also am a Legally Blind woman, who LOVES the Southwest Attitude! I saw it when I took my last guide dog to retire her, I flew SWA for just over 4 hours, LOVED IT! I havent had a guide dog in 5 years, so havent been able to fly with you since, but I DO keep an eye on you, I also follow you on Twitter!
Explorer C
We LOVE that Southwest shares what's happening!!!
Explorer C
Question: Air Tran has some connecting flights that operate on Sky West. Are you going to continue these, but under the Southwest umbrella? Hopefully, this is something to come - would be nice to get some competition into some smaller airports, like Twin Falls, ID.