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More News From Denver

Aviator C
In addition to the big news about our schedules announced in Denver yesterday (see Bill's post below), our entire Marketing Department is holding its annual meeting in Denver.  Channel 9 in Denver has a video on their web site about the schedule announcement, and their video includes our Marketing and Corporate Communications folks, along with Gary Kelly.   After the formal event, our folks hit the street and gave away over 200 free tickets on Southwest Airlines.
Explorer C
It seems folks over at Frontier are a bit nervous. Furloughs have occured and the Marketing department have been let go. The vice president of Marketing allegedly decided to resign. Uncertainty is afoot.
Explorer A
Not news from Denver, but see SWA on the front cover of Airways Feb 2008 Mag. Topic of Low Cost Airlines... Way to go South West Airlines
Adventurer B
Nice video. I should have been there 🙂
Explorer C
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Frequent Flyer C
Denver was beautiful!!! I heart Red Rocks!
Explorer C
I am not sure why people are so excited to hear that Frontier Airlines is having trouble. Why would anyone in our Airline want to see another decline in the industry and more people out on the streets...remember they are on our team...the Airline Team!! I worked for American Airlines years back and did not wish Harm on Southwest when they were tyring to Hurt US or should I say you. I have been with this company for 11 years and hope to be with you all for another 11 ++++ years. I know there are people over at Frontier that wish for the same thing....Especially my Husband who is a Captain their and has been for 8 years....Why would anyone be happy for another to be without a JOB....He is our main Bread Winner in our family of 4....I know my Husband would not be wanting anything to go wrong at my company so Why Should You...People should really think about being in someonelses soes before opeing thier moths...Again I ask why would anyone want someone to loose their Jobs...or Company go Bankrupt????
Explorer C
P.S....Sorry for the miss spelled my post above but I did not read before posting....
Adventurer C
Handing out the free tickets downtown Denver was so exciting! Of course we didn't just hand them out, our group made you work a little for it. My favorite was the man who ran down the street acting like an airplane while screaming, "I just won a free ticket on Southwest Airlines, I love Southwest Airlines." Another fun one was a group of boys who sang a disco song for us and put a swa spin on the lyrics. That was a fun day indeed!
Explorer A
Charlene, All the airlines have significant challenges, but where did anyone say they were "excited" about Frontier's challenges? Certainly not here. I don't think anyone wants a company to go bankrupt, but consolidation may be necessary to keep the airline industry as a whole on its feet.
Explorer C
Last week, Southwest showed their commitment to the Denver community by not only increasing service but giving the special ticket receivers an afternoon to remember. I love hearing the stories how the tickets were given and what Customers were willing to do for the special gift. Love to hear more stories...
Explorer C
After a press conference with CEO Gary Kelly and the Mayor of Denver, the Marketing department, dressed in red sweatshirts, spread out across downtown Denver to distribute discount coupons and 200 FREE tickets! Citizens of Denver were grateful! It is amazing what some people will do for a FREE ticket on Southwest Airlines! One person was willing to sing and dance in front of a crowd and one rode the cow like a professional bull rider! One of the best parts of this job is being able to interact with our Customers on a grass roots level. Many people have a story that they like to share about an experience they had on a Southwest flight. Hopefully this outreach gives them another story to tell.
Explorer C
I am one of the lucky Southwest Airlines Marketing Employees who was able to pass out hats, ice scrapers, $52.80 coupons, and a few round trip airline tickets to the people of Denver a couple of weeks ago. It was such a fun experience to walk through the city streets of Denver, exploring the amazing city, and making the day of local Denverites. My favorite giveaway experience was a young bride-to-be who came running for four blocks in search of the red Southwest fleeces that she heard were giving away discounts. We had just run out of coupons and had one Southwest round trip ticket left. She was so excited to hear this and proceeded to jump up and down, saying that she would do anything to be the recipient of this ticket. Being in marketing, of course, we asked her to do something special to earn the ticket. She announced that Southwest was the only way to fly and she started to sing the "Hokey Pokey." We joined in and shook our feet all around as she sang. When the ticket was presented to her, she got tears in her eyes and told us she was going to use the ticket to bring her cousin (who just lost her job) to her wedding. She had been looking into purchasing bus fair from Philadelphia, but that had proven to be too expensive. Soon we were all crying and hugging. It was such an awarding experience to be able to make her day not only on that day, but also on her wedding day!
Adventurer B
After hearing that San Jose to Denver was being added this month, I figured that Sacramento has earned non-stop service to/from Denver. It was good to see with today's announcement that Sacramento is being rewarded with 2 non-stops flights to/from Denver beginning August 4th.