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My Passion for Southwest Airlines and Our Shirts

Explorer C

In my short career (two years in September) with Southwest Airlines,  I have come to love the Culture and really enjoy the freedom we have to express ourselves as an individual.  One of the freedoms we have is to wear non-uniform shirts to work on certain occasions.  I started collecting shirts or hats from across the system so that I may wear them to work. 

My first shirt was a polo shirt from the New York LaGuardia Station opening, followed by the polo shirt from the Boston Logan Station opening.  The Boston shirt is great because it's red, and I can wear it on red-shirt Fridays.

One of my favorite shirts is the one I helped design!  I organized a raffle to cover the cost of designing and making “Team Southwest” shirts for the Chicago “Shamrock Shuffle.”  It was a great success, and the shirts are awesome!

I don't have much of a collection, because I haven’t worked here that long, but I hope to add to it in the near future.  People always ask me, “How did you get that shirt?”  I simply tell them, “Sorry, I can't tell you.”  But, now they'll all know that in order to get something…all you have to do is…ask.  The Culture of Southwest is giving and Team-oriented, so I’m never surprised when “Warriors” go out of their way to help one another. 


On that note, if anyone reading this has old uniform Ground Operations shirts, ties, or other shirts and hats and they want to de-clutter, feel free to look me up.

Explorer C
I love SWA. The service and people make every trip I have taken on a sw flight has been so pleasant and tthe emploiyees so very courteous. I am a nervous flyer but feel more comfortable on SW., Thank you Southwest. I will fly sw anytime there is a flight where I am off too. God Bless you, Grace Clark
Explorer C
Shirts look all I need is a job with southwest to start collecting also. Soooo if you can hook me up 🙂
Explorer C
I love it! As someone who is going to be starting my career with Southwest in a little over a week, I can't wait to become a part of the Southwest Family!
Explorer C
Hey Sorin what a wonderful idea! The shirts are colorful and fun and since all you had to do was ask, I'm going to start doing it too! So, hey Sorin how about giving my the bright red one? lol. Denise
Explorer A
I LUV Southwest & collect shirts & other fun things from the Company. Can you hire me now? :) SWA LUV! Thought for the day: Why are they called cookies when you bake them?
Explorer C
Since this blog is about Southwest t-shirts, I am hoping someone reading this can advise me on where I can buy my 3 year old Grandson a Southwest t-shirt! My husband flies Southwest every week for business so the out little Grandson has become a fan. We have checked all over on line and even the airport shops with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions??? You would make the Grandma of a 3 year old Grandson so happy :=) Thank you! Thank you! Marcia
Adventurer A
Hi Marcia, I just sent you an e-mail to get more information. I definitely want to make the grandma of a 3-year-old grandson happy--especially if it involves a Southwest t-shirt! :) Laurel
Explorer C
Marcia, I hope you post a pic of the little guy in his new SWA gear. Laurel, thank's for replying with the information she asked for.