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NBA Road Tour

Aviator C
Okay, I admit that I am a dweeb when it comes to sports venues.  My wife and I spent an hour on a recent trip to San Francisco walking around the site in Golden Gate Park where the former Kezar Stadium stood.  I will always regret that I never got to see Ebbets Field or the Boston Garden.  That's why I admire what Drew Cieszynski is doing.  Two years ago, he visited every major league stadium, and this year, he is visting all 30 NBA (National Basketball Association) arenas--and he is using Southwest Airlines for his travels.  Check out Drew's blog, which has extensive photos of his visits.  You will enter at the most recent arena, so begin with the 2007 archives for a chronological view of his journey. 
Explorer B
Southwest does fly to most cities where professional sports play but they have a couple left off the list. The nearest airport to New York City is a 90 minute drive (would be nice if Southwest flew to one of the three New York City airports.) Another one is Minneapolis, the nearest airport is Chicago, a 7 hour drive. Some others are Atlanta and Charlotte. If some other carriers merge, I hope Southwest can pick up some extra 737's from those airlines selling aircraft they don't need and Southwest can fly to more cities.
Explorer C
I'm a 'sorta sports venue dweeb'. We've been to a few venues to see our favorite teams. My favs are Lambeau Field, Camp Randall (Go Badgers!) the Rose Bowl, Fenway and Wrigley. Being a Big 10 fan, I'd love to see 'The Big House' (Michigan) and The 'Shoe (Ohio State). Beaver Stadium (Penn State) would be great too. The venues go hand-in-hand with the local bars and restaurants. Nothing beats a blueberry muffin at Mickey's Dairy Bar mixed up well with brats and beer down State Street.