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Never Missed a Day--Southwest Airlines Salutes Father's Day

Explorer A

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and I’ve been thinking about the valuable lessons my dad taught me over the years.  There are many reasons why I’m proud of my father, but today I’ll just focus on one area where he truly left an impression on me—his remarkable work ethic.   

Dad grew up on a farm in the small, rural town of Frost, Texas, where he was captain of the high school football team, the Frost Polar Bears (seriously, I’m not making this up).  He was also voted most handsome in his senior class—even though there were only six other guys (and only four girls) graduating with Dad, this award makes me smile. 

At 17, Dad moved away from Frost and headed to Dallas, Texas, where he worked stints with Reserve Life Insurance; General Electric; and Darr Equipment Company.  Eventually, he took a position at J.I. Case Company (an agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer), where he never missed a single day’s work in all his years of service.  Perfect attendance for 32 years! 

“Always show up for work.”  These words of guidance weren’t said out loud by my dad, but they were clearly demonstrated by his devotion to his family and his job.  Simply put, my dad faithfully arrived to work ontime, "strapped on the harness," and didn't stop pulling to the best of his ability until his shift came to a close.  For 32 consecutive years he did this. 

I look up to my dad, and I’m grateful for the quiet, strong, and steady example he set for me and my brothers.  All three of us are honored to adopt his work philosophy, and we carry it with us to this day.  Dad, you make me proud, and I salute you on Father's Day and every day.

Adventurer C
What a wonderful example of our parent's generation. They were driven by pride and a work ethic to be admired. We learned by their example. You have every reason to be proud of your father and I'm sure he is proud of you and your brothers! Thank you for sharing. Carole Adams
Explorer C
Wanted to book a trip to Orlando with my Rapid Rewards. The standard seats were not I wanted to upgrade to the Freedom Tics, but due to an error on my last booking, I had a A ticket from one flight and a B ticket from another flight. And, I had an AB ticket as a reward. Clearly, I met the requirements for 2 A and 2 B tickets. I was told the rewards group could overdie the computer and book my flight for me, and when I called, the "supervisor" told me she could not book me. I find it hard to believe she could not have booked me on the flights I wanted and then just removed my 4 rewards tickets and done a computer overide. This after SW made a mistake with my change in flight and charged me $60 extra and I was told they could not fix it because the computer would not allow it. That I had to call a busy number...shich I did for almost an hour...and then I still did not get I sent an email and got a canned response that SW cares...they will get back to me in 5 weeks.. What is this?? your customer service has gone out the window as far as I am concerned. In one month, 2 very lousy experiences with SW with a "supervisor" clerk telling me the computer won't let them fix it. I am totally disappointed in SW and would really like my $$ returned (just credited to my card) without having to wait 5 weeks...and I am amazed that you can give me such a quick canned response with your lousy computer system, but can't override a rapid rewards glitch or can't return my $$ which was your mistake in the first place. I am just documenting all of this...and I will continue to document all of this as SW continues to have lousy costumer service and continues to "blame" their lousy customer service on the computer. Over all, just know that I am on the A list, have been a loyal customer, and will let everyone I know NOT to book on SW when they have a choice. Just for the record, I booked my Orlando flight with United...for a better price and with no "lousy" computer issues.
Adventurer A
Hi latina4justice, So sorry that you encountered one problem after the other trying to book your flights with us yesterday. It's especially disappointing to know that your experience led you to book with another carrier. I'd love to forward your comments to our Customer Relations Team so they can quickly address your concerns and come to a resolution for you. If you'd like to send me your contact information, I'll pass it along so we can have someone contact you. I'm hoping that we can restore your confidence in us. Laurel