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Nice "seat"

Explorer B
Why is it I always tend to write my posts while flying around the country? It probably has something to do with trying to find a quiet moment in the office…things seem to be so crazy all the time…that might make for an interesting post sometime but not right now...seats_300.jpg I've actually found a quiet moment and all I can do is think about my seat…not my butt but my seat on my most recent Southwest flight …did I just write butt how I digress when I write these things…anyway, back to my seat. I'm 6'2" and weigh 185ish and the design of our new leather seats is very comfortable for me. In fact, I fly other carriers from time to time and there is no question in my mind our seat is more comfortable and gives me more personal space than any other coach seating I have experienced. Because of the contour of the seat, I feel I get more personal space to work on a laptop and read important business documents…okay, I'll admit it…read the newspaper or a good book, watch a DVD on the laptop, have a few cocktails, and catch a few Zs…remember, if my boss asks, it's working on the laptop and scouring important documents. Am I biased? I don't know…I should be…that's why I'm putting this post out in the blogoshpere. We'd love to know what your seat thinks of our seat.