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One More Time

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It has been my plight for ten years.  I have been ridiculed and mocked and had to defend myself more times than I care to count for it.  Yes, I am a devoted Britney Spears fan. 

On this day (Britney's Birthday!), as her “comeback” CD is released, I wanted to put it out there to the world--I love Britney.  I’ve felt connected to her since the beginning; a Louisiana girl like me, making it big singing and dancing and basically owning the world--she has lived all of my wildest dreams...including dating Justin Timberlake.  My adoration of Britney has always been just plain fun… until I had to start constantly defending her.

It hasn’t been easy, trying to explain to people that I don’t agree with some of the things she does, but no one could deny her stage talent.  Then that awful VMA performance last year happened--why, Britney, why?  I had nothing left to back up my argument; her star had burned out…or so everyone thought. 

Fast forward several months—her dad swooped in with what might go down in history as the best conservatorship ever granted by a judge and, voila!, my Britney is back!  She looks amazing, she’s taking her babies to a pumpkin patch, she’s back in the studio—her comeback has officially begun!

But wait, why is this being called her comeback? Britney never went away, did she? Was I dreaming or were we all glued to celebrity gossip blogs and reading tabloid magazines to see her latest shenanigans, wondering if she finally got rid of KFed? When she shaved her head I got so many text messages and breaking news alerts on my e-mail that you would have thought a major world crisis had occurred. America became obsessed with Britney’s antics and we all formed our own opinions of the pop princess; but mine never wavered.

Everyone thinks I’m weird for wanting to blog about this, just like they think I am weird for having such undying love for my favorite celebrity.  But think of it this way: if you had a friend you admired, wanted to be like, talked about all the time, and knew everything about, and that friend went through some REALLY hard times, would you stop loving them?  And when that friend finally seemed to get their act together and was about to prove it to the world, wouldn’t you be so happy for them that you would want to blog about it?  Okay, maybe not the blog part, but wouldn’t you be excited?

 I know I am not the only SWA Employee that feels this way.  If I were, do you think there would be so many “Britneys” popping up in Halloween skits every year?  I think not! 

I’ve heard rumors that KFed often flies Southwest Airlines to Vegas—hook us up, “Fed-Ex”!—tell Britney about the outstanding Customer Service you get on our flights!  And let her know that no matter what, she will always have a fan in this SWA Employee. 

Okay, I need to get to Target to get my CD!