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Our 12-Hour Date in Another City for Less Than $50

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As a young couple trying to make a life in the Bay Area, we have found that although keeping a budget is the responsible thing to do, it's not always fun. Ryan and I have become experts at creatively having fun within a budget. Enter what has been affectionately named: the Epic 12-hour date day!


We absolutely love the game show "The Price is Right"—it’s one of our evening no-brainer TV rituals when we aren’t running at a million miles an hour. It often becomes slightly competitive even within the walls of our apartment, but that makes it all the more fun. We're well aware that despite our other and more modern interests, this is definitely not the go-to show for most millennials!

A few weeks before our latest “date day,” Ryan called me in the middle of the day (I was panicked because he NEVER calls during the day) and all he could do was laugh! I was getting about 1 out of every 10 words he was trying to say. He had gone online to see how much tickets to be in the live studio audience of "The Price is Right" were and next thing he knew, two priority tickets were being emailed to him—for FREE! He was calling to tell me it was an accident but how fun it would be to go. 


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Coincidentally, I was checking my email at the time and saw an amazing offer from Southwest—fares as low as $29 one-way! It just so happened that the day of the show, October 17, was one of the days that fare was valid between SFO and LAX. We were trying to justify spending money for same day flights, so we were even more excited to discover I already had the Rapid Rewards Points® to cover the cost of the flights!


Tuesday of that week, we woke up early and grabbed a flight at 9 a.m. from SFO to LAX. We made our way to Hollywood where we went through the most energy intensive five hours of our entire lives and thoroughly enjoyed being touristy along the way (matching "Price Is Right" shirts included, of course). We waited in lines for several hours to be in the live studio audience, were a mere 20 feet away from host Drew Carey while the episode was filmed, and then raced back to LAX to make our 9 p.m. flight back to the Bay Area. With just two flights at exactly 12 hours apart, we got the experience of a lifetime, all for less than the price of a good dinner here. 


Game show tickets: FREE

Flights: $5.60 each way to cover the taxes

Rental Car: $25.00

Lunch: $12.00

We love Southwest and just wanted to say thank you for having sales that make it possible for us to go on fun adventures—even on a budget! I’ve gotten hugs, high fives, and have also been sung to on my birthday by Southwest Flight Attendants and we love you all for it. Thank you for making our 12-hour trip to Los Angeles possible.



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