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Our Interns are 'Nuts' About Southwest Airlines!




Here at Southwest Airlines, we love to celebrate just about everything! So, in celebration of this week's National Nut Day on October 22, we polled our fall 2017 Intern class to see why they're “nuts” about Southwest Airlines:


  • “I was nuts about Southwest from the first day I walked into headquarters for Intern Orientation. I went NUTS again when I saw the new 737-800 MAX outside the hangar.” –Christopher
  • “I am nuts about the two free bags fly free, to the singing flight attendants, and all the love they spread around the world, and now to the newest destination, Hawaii!” -Hillary
  • “I am nuts about going on weekend travel adventures with my fellow Interns and Cohearts! Not to mention, the Monday Deck Parties!” –Andrea
  • “I am nuts about working with my amazing, Fun-LUVing Cohearts!” –Jasmin
  • “I am nuts about grabbing lunch every day with fellow Interns and catching up on new adventures, projects, and stories!” –Jacob
  • “I am nuts about Southwest Airlines and getting to experience 'LUV'—a whole new, and insurmountable type of lovin.” –Madison
  • “I am nuts about the Culture, Leadership style, learning, Fun-LUVing Attitude, and flight privileges!” –Sayukti  
  • “I am nuts about the People I've met! My roommates and I have become a little Family, and my Team is comprised of wonderful People!”-Tashina
  • “I am nuts about the exciting opportunities and events that we get to attend as Interns! I've had the chance to spend days-in-the-field in different departments, gain greater insight into our outreach programs, and attend all of the fun events that portray Southwest's Culture so well! “ –Taylor


Do you want to join the “nuts” Southwest Family? Apply for our summer 2018 internship program on October 23 at