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Our January A-Lister: Sherisse Hawkins, CEO & Cofounder, Beneath the Ink

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“Seek out organizations where your skills are celebrated.”

It takes a lot of spirit to pitch Mark Cuban, but tenacity is a quality Sherisse Hawkins has in spades. The loyal A-List Preferred Customer appeared on Shark Tank last year to show off her digital publishing concept of embedding dynamic content into text. Running her Denver-based company, Sherisse flies coast to coast, and she trusts Southwest to deliver her to her destination whether it’s for business or pleasure. Low fares might have brought her to Southwest, but it’s the ease of travel (and the honey-roasted peanuts!) that keep her coming back.    Why Southwest “The snacks, obviously! Southwest is the most genuinely service-oriented company I engage with regularly. The fact that they still feed you in this cost-cutting market proves that.” Memorable Moment “My husband left his new iPhone at the gate. It was returned a few weeks later with a hilarious poem from the Southwest crew.” Career Advice “Everyone has unique talents and strengths. Seek out organizations where your skills are celebrated, not just tolerated.” Travel Tip “Take one less thing than you think you need. I promise you won’t miss it.”