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Our New Orleans Heroes

Aviator C
                                                    msyGroup Picture 004.jpg    This is the first of three posts commemorating the one-year anniversary of Katrina.  Be sure to read Bill Owen's post about how we are rebuilding our service to New Orleans and Sunny Abercrombie's post about how the Southwest Family came together to assist our Employees that were literally devastated by this horrible storm.  But, before you do, we ask you to take a look at some of our New Orleans Employees (click on photo above to enlarge.) Like most residents of the Crescent City, our New Orleans folks have faced many hardships, but they have persevered.  Thanks to their Warrior Spirit, their Servant's Heart, and yes their Fun-LUVing Attitude (Hey, this is New Orleans after all), we have been able to rebuild our operation.  All Southwest Employees and our Customers owe them a huge debt of gratitude.
Explorer C
My new family made a decision to move from MSY to PHX exactly 2 months before Katrina.....lucky? Well I don't know , but the rest of my family, cousins, Uncles, Aunts, Grandmother, brother and friends weren't so lucky, and even though I am 1600 miles from HOME, I felt apart of it all. MY heart was hurting. My place in Phx was a refuge for my family. My managers here in phx were a GOD send. I was told by my management that whatever I needed just let someone know, and it happened just like that! My family lost alot but was safe, and sent to several cities across the country thanks to Southwest. Thank you Phx Station Leaders Al Stephens and Bob Baronchinni. And thank you Southwest for caring for my family and all of my friends. Born and raised in New Orleans, and it will always be my HOME!!! Missy Wilson csa/phx
Explorer C
You are my heroes, MSY!! Keep up the great work. We LUV and appreciate you!
Explorer C
MSY team RULES!!!!!
Adventurer A
Give back their non-stop to Birmingham. They have earned it.