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Our October A-Lister: Amber Chavez

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“Manny’s so personable. He loves making his rounds at the gate area and meeting new friends.”

—Amber Chavez, Co-founder, Manny & Friends, and Dog Mom


Amber Chavez’s favorite travel companion—both on the ground and in the sky—is Manny, her Instagram-famous French bulldog (@manny_the_frenchie). Leaving her Chicago home several times a month, Amber travels the country with the superstar pooch, who reached social media fame in 2013. The two take direct Southwest flights to each stop on Manny’s official U.S. tour, where they meet fans and raise money for dog-rescue charities. Southwest’s pet-friendly policies and hospitable Employees make flying easy, and with more cities to visit, we know Manny’s strut will keep lighting up Southwest terminals and his fans’ faces. —Claire Daniels, Communication & Outreach


Photo by Desiree EspadaPhoto by Desiree Espada

Paw-struck “We flew to New Orleans to surprise a fan of Manny’s who has cystic fibrosis, and I’ll never forget going over the game plan on the plane. It was so exciting!”


Pack Mentality “Keep your pet’s items separate. Manny has his own backpack to keep track of his things.”


Helping Paws “We recently started our own nonprofit organization, the Manny & Friends Foundation. It’s so rewarding to finally see it come to fruition.”

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