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Paintings on Planes

Explorer C

The painting I made for my friends' weddingThe painting I made for my friends' weddingI have been a longstanding Customer of Southwest Airlines due to the exceptional Customer Service, fair prices, and Culture of the Company. Although I recently moved from Arizona to Massachusetts, I still choose to fly Southwest whenever possible.  


I have heard many heartwarming stories about Southwest Employees going above and beyond for their Customers, and I too have a story to share. In October 2015, I was flying to Phoenix from Boston for the wedding of two of my dearest friends. I had painted a 24-inch-by-36-inch painting of a desert pueblo as a gift for their wedding and newly purchased home. I wanted the painting to be really special and spent months preparing it. I investigated shipping the painting to Arizona, but it was extremely expensive, and I wanted to ensure that it would not be damaged or lost during travel. I then decided to take it along with me onto my Southwest flight. 


As I went to board the plane with the painting, I was informed that the painting would need to be stored in the cargo area, as it was too large for the cabin. I expressed my concern as visions of a tattered and torn canvas (and ruined wedding gift) flashed before me! I began to sweat as I thought of the painting being thrown onto the baggage carousel or being lost among the hundreds of bags. My worry quickly evaporated, however, when the Crew personally took responsibility for making sure my painting made it to Arizona safely.


The happy couple was very glad to see the painting made it to Phoenix in one piece thanks to Southwest!The happy couple was very glad to see the painting made it to Phoenix in one piece thanks to Southwest!When I arrived in Phoenix, the Pilot and one of the members of the Ground Crew personally hand delivered the painting to me, which was perfectly intact! I was quite moved by their kindness and willingness to go the extra mile. The story of how the painting made it to Arizona made the gift even more special, and my newly married friends loved everything about it! I visited their home recently and saw the picture hanging and again felt so much gratitude for the Employees who helped me—Michael and Adrian—and Southwest Airlines.


Thank you!