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Parent's Inflight Birthday Celebration

Explorer C

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Dear Southwest, 


A story to tell from a little over a year ago today. Your wonderful Flight Attendant, Duane, truly helped us celebrate my parents' birthdays! It was a wonderful experience and made the front side of our trip over the top.  


We are the Rush Family. My parents, Rust and Judi, are the most wonderful parents my sister and I could ask for.  My sister and I love to travel with our parents. Being able to spend time going on vacations with them is the best, as they are aging.


On this particular flight to New York City, between their birthdays, they were presented with crowns of peanuts and pretzels, a makeshift toilet paper cake, and a birthday song. Everyone joined in to sing! We had the plane rolling in laughter and Mom really felt special.


I wanted to share a few pics of the fun! Thank you for making my parents' birthdays very special. We always choose you, as we prefer you in more ways than just distance.




Stacy Ann Rush

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Frequent Flyer C

This is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!! 😉