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Peanut Eating Styles

Frequent Flyer C

Something I’ve always noticed when flying is the various ways people choose to eat our famous onboard snack… peanuts.  Beginning this week, we’ll start the rotation back to Lightly Salted Peanuts (we rotate from Honey Roasted to Lightly Salted every few months) so I thought it would be prime time to ask our fans online their different peanut-eating styles.  Personally, I prefer the lightly salted peanuts and I eat them one at a time with my favorite onboard drink, Ginger Ale (sometimes I add Wild Turkey if I’m traveling for fun).  So cheers to Lightly Salted Peanuts for the next few months, and maybe try out some of these snacking techniques next time you fly courtesy of our Twitter followers:

Peanut Tweet
Peanut Tweet Two
Tweet 3