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Quick Links for a Tuesday

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And no, I'm not talking about microwave sausage.  The USA Today aviation blog has a story about the display saluting the architecture of America that is currently on display in the lobby of the Tulsa Airport.  (How about a review, Leah?) Moving north from Tulsa to Kansas City, the airport there is using a chimp in a video that proves the old adage:  "It is so easy, a monkey could do it."  I first read about this on Flight International's Airline Business blog.  Check out the video.  (I just am not sure about sharing the freeway with Banana 1.)  Speaking of chimps driving, this news report from Channel 9 in Kansas City shows how the video was made.
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Hello Southwest, This is my first time commenting, but I just wanted to congratulate your blog on being the runner up in the Performancing Blog Awards for the category The Best Use of a Corporate Blog in 2007 (Reader's Choice). Keep up the great blogging! Dee
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I saw that at the airport the other night, Blog Boy! It looked neat! Thanks for another great post. :) SWA LUV! 🙂
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Did not know where else to ask, so here goes. PLEASE, PLEASE add a couple of connections to Savannah, Georgia. Love your airline and its policies and would use Southwest so much more if you had routes to Savannah from Philadelphia. Thank you so much!!
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I could not find a place to make a comment so I just took this slot, I hope that's OK. I know a lot of people who own animals who travel with there animals. My question to you is have you considered allowing animals on your flts? I travel back and forth between Tampa, Fl and San Diego, Ca a lot. I just purchased a very small Chihuahua and I want to take her with me. What are the chances? Russ
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A37 within 1second from the 24 hour time limit is disappointing for a business traveler seeking the exit row to work so I can work on a computer without the seat in front coming back on my screen. As a business traveler required to go for lowest fare your new pricing model hold positions for people paying more is not the way you used to treat the people that helped you get to where you are today. Before at least I had the choice to get to the airport early to want in line to get a perferred seat. I have loved Southwest over the last 15 years because the difficulties of travel were generally made better. Please don't let that slip.
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I second the motion to add Savannah GA as a SWA city. I think it would be very successful.