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Response Readiness: Insight into how Southwest Airlines Prepares for Hurricane Season


Preparedness is key when it comes to disaster response. When emergency situations occur, you want to make sure you’re ready.


With hurricane season taking place from June to November, there’s a large possibility every year that multiple storms will impact operations for Southwest. That’s why Southwest is dedicated to making sure we are ready and prepared to support any impacted Stations, Employees, and Customers during a storm.


Our Teams Behind-the-Scene

For us at Southwest, a lot of the work starts even before the storm develops. We have a dedicated Emergency Response Team that helps create hurricane checklists and emergency response kits for every Station to use in preparation of an oncoming hurricane. The hurricane checklists help outline tasks which are necessary to prepare our Station, Employees, and operations for potential impact from a storm and the emergency response kits supply resources which might be needed before, during and after a storm (like flashlights, batteries, weather radios, etc.)


Safety is our top priority at Southwest and all decisions are made with the Safety of our Employees and Customers in mind.


Additional Resources

The following websites provide a wealth of information to help you and your family plan to stay safe:

  •– Here you’ll find information to help you prepare your family and home for a disaster. This website also has details on assembling an emergency kit and a hurricane terminology reference to help you keep up with the latest storm updates.
  • – The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website has resources to help you recognize hazards after a hurricane, such as ensuring your food and water are safe and to ensure that your home is cleaned properly after a disaster.
  • – In addition to hurricane preparation resources you’ll find disaster relief information, such as shelter sites, assistance with finding and contacting family members, and disaster recovery guidance.
  •  – FEMAs website has valuable details on finding public and private resources for assistance after a disaster, as well as guidance to help people with disabilities prepare themselves and their families for a disaster.