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Running a Race in All 50 States

Explorer B


My husband, Denecio, wants to run a half or full marathon in every state in the U.S. He started this journey back in 2015 after his first half marathon in Atlanta, Georgia. For him, running is a way to test his limits. He seeks to get better and faster with each race. This challenge also allows him to sightsee and travel, which are both passions of his.


So far, Denecio has checked off Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, and Rhode Island from his list. Later this year, he will be running in Colorado and Texas—that will make 10 completed races!



When Denecio isn’t running the race, we both enjoy exploring the city we’re in for a few days. We love taking in the food, sites, and culture of each city. This is a long time goal for us, and it honestly wouldn’t be possible or attainable without Southwest’s low fares, Transfarency, and Rapid Rewards program. We fly with Southwest for every destination we can!

Explorer C

Awesome!  I'm doing the same thing!  So far I've completed halfs in 15 states: Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachussetts, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington, and I'm currently registered for 4 more in the next 6 months: Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.
I'm glad to say I've flown SWA to each of these races!  With the announcement of new routes to Hawaii, now there are only a couple remaining states that are hard to reach on Southwest (most notably Alaska) - but we'll get to as many as possible on SWA!!!

Frequent Flyer C

This is fantastic!! Good luck to your husband!! And what an amazing time for the two of you as you travel to each race! 

Explorer C

It sounds like you and Denecio have an amazing travel routine! Exploring a new city and immersing yourself in its food, sights, and culture can be such a fulfilling experience. It's wonderful to hear that Southwest Airlines has played a significant role in making your long-time goal a reality. I see that race live and I feel the   to win the race. Similar my racing game when I play this game same feeling. 


Southwest's low fares, Transfarency, and Rapid Rewards program have evidently made a positive impact on your travel adventures. With their low fares, you have the opportunity to visit multiple destinations and create lasting memories. The Transfarency policy ensures transparent and straightforward pricing, allowing you to plan and budget your trips more efficiently. Additionally, the Rapid Rewards program rewards you for your loyalty, making your future travels even more rewarding.


Choosing Southwest Airlines for your flights has clearly brought convenience, affordability, and a sense of fulfillment to your travel experiences. It's great to see that you have found an airline that aligns with your travel goals and preferences.

Happy travels, and may you continue to explore new cities, enjoy delicious food, discover captivating sites, and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures that each destination has to offer!