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Adventurer C
Growing up in China, Texas, I was taught that you should not put your family's business "in the streets." The same should apply in the workplace, because you never know who could be listening. I had the misfortune--or maybe it was fortune--of hearing two employees of a rival airline speaking so negatively about their employer. What surprised me the most was the time and place in which their conversation took a locker room full of guys getting dressed after a lunchtime workout. During the time it took for me to get dressed, I didn't hear these two pilots say anything nice about that airline (a major competitor of Southwest's). They should have been more aware of their surroundings; although, once I was dressed they noticed that I was wearing my Southwest Airlines-issued liberty blue aircraft Mechanic's uniform with the Southwest Airlines logo on the shirt and cap. I wonder if any of the other guys in the locker room decided to fly Southwest Airlines that day, after hearing what they said. I can only hope.