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Saluting Memorial Day Heroes

Explorer C

I would like to share a few thoughts about this year’s Memorial Day and what it means to me. I am a Marine Colonel and my wife is a Recruiter for Southwest Airlines. For me, Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the sacrifices of our fellow Americans who have served in the military and lost their lives in that service. They are gone, and we are reminded that they paid a price for our Freedom and our way of life. I want to take the time to appreciate and not squander their sacrifice. They gave their lives so we should honor, protect, and fight for Freedom and never forget their service. I hope that I can live up to that expectation and will have the courage to do what needs to be done to preserve our way of life in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I also want to share my appreciation for a Company that embodies that Spirit. Southwest has been there for my family through three deployments and two wars. I thought that I was treated special when I came home from all of those deployments because my wife works for Southwest.  I always got the royal treatment, but I have found on subsequent Southwest flights, that Southwest honors all of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines the same way. I salute you.

The folks at Southwest wear red on Fridays to honor our service members until they all come home. This is a unique American Company, an iconic Company with its own culture and an enterprise that has USA written all over it. I LUV this Company.  God bless the USA and all of our heroes past and present.

Colonel Mike Clanton-USMC


Explorer C
Thank you for your post and service, Mike.
Explorer C
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