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See Vegas Like You Never Have Before

Adventurer C

When our Team went to Vegas for our recent, awesome Spirit Party, we had a lot of fun…we also had a lot of work in the form of meetings with our Spirit Party Partners. 

One of our meetings with Spirit Party Partner Celebrity Coaches just happened to be combined with one of the coolest things Vegas has to offer--a champagne tour in a chauffeured limo bus!  While we talked and finalized the shuttle details for our event in between stops at some Vegas landmarks, our tour guide chimed in with tidbits about Las Vegas that we never would have known!  Did you know that Elvis’ mentor was Liberace? Or that Redd Foxx was the best man in Elvis’ wedding?  Or that when Paris Hilton comes to town she is sweeter than pie to everyone she meets?

The kind folks at Celebrity Coaches were so happy that we loved the night so much, they decided to offer a special rate to SWA Employees--or anyone who reads this blog!

 We had such a blast--I PROMISE you will see and hear things you never have before, even if you live there!  Thanks to all the folks at Celebrity Coaches who were such a huge part of the success of our LAS SPIRIT Party!).  Check them out at


Explorer C
had a blast! thanks again!
Explorer C
We also did that with another company. Rented a HUGE suv.. It was a blast.
Explorer C
Hello out there, I loved the story!! I will be traveling to Vegas in a few weeks on Southwest and am terrified of flying!! I know it will be great when I get there its just I will be a wreck on the plane! I am a fearful flyer big time!! Any tips from anyone or counseling prior to my trip would be greatly appreciated. I hear that sitting in the front of the plane has less turbulence. True? Thanks so very much for any help. If I am posting in the wrong area for help just let me know. Kris Campbell
Explorer C
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