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September 11th

Aviator C
Susie's post below is especially appropriate for this date because none of us knows what tomorrow will bring.  Last year we did a series of video posts for September 11th and clicking on the name will take you to those posts about how Southwest Airlines faced this horrible day:    "Taking Care of Friends," "The Southwest Touch," "The First Flight," "An Unexpected Diversion," and "A Company of Americans."
Explorer C
All I can say is two simple words " Always Remember ".
Adventurer C
Thanks Brian. As I peruse the travel blogs and forums this morning, I see no mentions of September 11. But you guys put it front and center, where it belongs. I watched the five videos again this morning, just like I did the first time you posted them. And once again, they brought a chill to my skin, a tear to my eye.
Explorer C
We pray for those who have lost their lives on September 11. We pray for the family members to stay strong. Dear God, we pray to you for strength and love, and to keep the world a safe and peaceful place. We are here to live life to it's fullest and to enjoy our families and each other. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Make each and every day peaceful.
Adventurer B
I remember hearing the initial news on the radio as I drove to work that morning. When I got to the office, the TV in the lobby was tuned to live footage of the then-burning twin towers... It was a strange day to say the least, and its horrific events are still vivid in my memory six years later.
Explorer A
I've posted a entry on my personal blog challenging people to take actions that would take us back to the spirity of cooperation and unity that we had in the days after this horrendous tragedy. It's about stepping up. Here is the link:
Explorer C
I had flown from Boston to Phoenix on Sunday 9/9/01 and was to continue on to LA on from Phoenix on 9/11/01. As always I flew United Airlines. I awoke in my Hotel on 9/11 and turned on the news as usual while getting ready for a day of sales calls before flying to LA. I saw the fire coming from the World Trade Center and went and took a shower. When I checked the TV again I saw the horror that was unfolding in disbelief. I called my wife at work to see if she could get to a tv and see what was happening. I watched the first tower collapse on TV as I described it to her. It was very disturbing for both of us. I never left Phoenix that day and with Sky Harbor earily silent I knew it was fruitless to try to get home to NH. Finally on Friday I heard that some airlines maybe getting back in the air. After standing in line at United for several hours I was informed by a nice United Ticket Agent that they would not be able to get me home until Sunday, at the earliest. She did tell me that she had a spoken to friend that worked at the Southwest Ticket counter and that they were getting back on track faster than the rest of the Airlines were. I told her that the line at Southwest looked like it was hours long. She called over to her friend "and got me in" . I was on airplane to Houston that evening and booked through to Manchester NH the next day. These would be my first Southwest flights. I remember the final leg of that flight on 9/15. I believe flying from BWI to Manchester we flew over NYC and the smoke was still pouring from ground zero. There were mostly Airline Employees on the plane just trying to get home like me.... most of us had a tear in our eyes as we passed over Manhattan....... I've been a loyal SWA customer since. Thanks for getting me home.
Frequent Flyer B
I remember I had gotten in the car to go to school that morning when I heard about it on the radio. I had only one class that day, because the (college)campus closed that afternoon & reopened the next morning.
Explorer C
Well today is 9/11/07 and I flew a round trip SWA flt to Orange County California. I have to admit I had trepidation about booking a flight for today, However as a songwriter my job requires me to be at different jobs quickly and without any hassles- The Southwest team in both Oakland and OC were as courtious and helpful as always- I am always appreciative of the efforts the SWA team makes to my travel as efficent as possible so I can focus on doing what I do to keep my customers happy. Many happy blessings to all. =Tamra=
Explorer C
I just recently started traveling for business and have to say that flying is not my favorite thing. When I found out I would be traveling on Sept 11th, my anxiety level escalated. I have never flown Southwest before. I just wanted to write to say thanks for really setting me at ease. I thought your staff was absolutely wonderful and would like to thank them for everything. I was on a flight from Orland FL to Providence RI and they made the whole experience enjoyable. In my future travels, Southwest will be my first pick! Thanks again!
Explorer A
A day after 9/11 the phrase, "Always Remember" still holds a place in my heart. In addition to the police, firefighters and other rescuers that responded that day, we need to also remember the Flight Crews that gave their lives as well. I read a very moving article over at yesterday. I have provided the link for you all to read it as well. James Malone MDW FA
Explorer C
I am and always have been a white knuckle flier even though I am in the air 20 to 30 times a year. When I began flying Southwest years ago, I adopted the negative comments about cattlecars and "SouthWorst" but soon found out how wrong I was. I had to be on a Southwest flight on the first day planes were allowed to fly after 9/11. The plane had 12 passengers on it. I remember before push-back, the pilot and co-pilot came into the cabin and thanked all of us for our confidence and support in the face of this terrible tragedy. It was a very serious and emotional announcement which brought tears to most of our eyes. On the return flight 2 days later with 32 passengers on board, I asked one of the flight attendants about layoff possibilities and those training to work at Southwest. She said that Southwest would not have any layoffs and those currently in training would complete their training and be employed. Her eyes and voice displayed the pride she felt for her employer. I am proud to be a frequent flier with Southwest and appreciate the loyalty the company shows to its employees as well as its customers. It isn't "SouthWorst" it's "SouthBest!"
Explorer C
I live in Brandon, Mississippi approximately five miles from the Jackson, Mississippi airport. I fly often from Jackson, Ms to Corpus Christi, Tx. My question is why no cities in Mississippi is included in your "Book by September 24 for travel September 28- November 15, 2007 with 14 days advance purchase."