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Adventurer B

We like to think every seat has a story. Whether it be your first flight, a fun on-board birthday, or a simple heartfelt moment you've experienced while in the air, we want to hear it! The Southwest Airlines Community is the place for you, Customers and Employees, to share your tips, stories, and pictures with the rest of the Southwest Family. Here are a couple of stories we've recieved lately:


Adventures with My Brothers

I recently had an opportunity to meet Dave Ross from the Chicago Cubs. My brothers are HUGE Cubs fans, but they all live in Colorado, so I printed out pictures of them to take along to the Dave Ross event. Then, I decided that I could have all kinds of fun with my "brothers," so I have been dressing them up and taking them on outings and posting our fun. In two weeks, to celebrate my 50th birthday, I am visiting them in Colorado, so I will give them their virtual counterparts. But before I turn them over, I have to make the most of every moment! Maryco2000


Dave Ross.jpg



brothers 2.jpg



Birthday Hats.jpg


Flying High, Riding High

As a race car driver, I have enjoyed bonding with my 3-year-old son Pasha, as he races his Strider Balance Bike at the Strider Cup Races. We’ve flown Southwest to Pittsburgh, PA, and Lincoln, NE, and will head to Salt Lake City, UT, for the Strider Cup World Championship on July 21-22, where riders are coming in from around the world. We’re excited to see how Pasha stacks up against the speedy Japanese racers! All are new cities for us to explore, so besides the racing action, we get to see the local sites.


Thanks, Southwest, for giving us the opportunity to have fun, visit new places and promote a healthy lifestyle for our son! N_Ali