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Sharing the LUV: Highlighting a few Mothers and Daughters who Work Together at Southwest Airlines


Mother’s Day is always special, but here at Southwest Airlines it tends to be an extra special day as many of our Employees have followed their mom’s footsteps and now work alongside them as members of the Southwest Family. Here are a few of their stories.


Trisha Jantz and Destiny Rogers1.JPG

Houston Center Customer Support & Services Customer Representative Trisha Jantz and HOU Flight Attendant Destiny Rogers
“My daughter and I worked at our Houston Center together. I'm still there, but Destiny has moved to Inflight as a Flight Attendant. It was wonderful working with her at the Center and it made work even more fun!  Now, even though we are in different departments, when we chit chat we know and understand what the other person is talking about. We can laugh together about our day. Southwest is a great Company to work for and I am so glad she has joined the Company and is able to share in its great benefits.”


Kim, Lane, and Lauren.jpgHOU Flight Attendant Kim Follmar, Health Advocate Lane Yahchouchi, and DEN Flight Attendant Lauren Gandolfo
“These pictures are from the day I graduated from Customer Service Agent training in 1999 and Inflight training in 2015. I love working with Lauren in the air and Lane on the ground! Both are keeping me in shape! During my 19 years with the Company, Southwest Airlines has given me and my daughters the privilege and freedom to fly and "Go, See, Do!" But more than that, it has paved a career for my daughters and me to succeed and love what we do and always be connected no matter where we live! Thank you, Southwest!” 


BWI ELDP Customer Service Angela Mech and Chicago Center Customer Support &Services Customer Representative Jennifer Mech

“Both my mom and I were hired for Customer Support and Services in Chicago in June 2016. Some people just work with their mom, but we were hired the same day, went to the same training classes in Dallas, and eventually were sharing the same night shift together. I enjoyed driving to work with her each day and helping each other along the way, especially during our reservation system conversion. I made the leap to our Emerging Leader Development Program (ELDP), so I definitely miss seeing my mom every day.”


DAL Flight Attendants Alice Watkins and Jordan Hinckley
“I’ve been with Southwest Airlines for 29 years, and the first time I felt my daughter Jordan kick in my belly was in the back of a Boeing 737-200. And now … here we are … working together. I can’t describe how special this is and how proud I am of her and to be working with her.”


“Working with my mom is something I’ve dreamed about doing since I was a little girl! She has been a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant my entire life and I’ve looked up to her ever since I can remember. To be able to work alongside my Mom within the same amazing Company is so rare and something I consider an honor. I will forever be thankful for the unforgettable memories we’ve made while flying together. I hope one day my children will work for Southwest as well and we can continue the family legacy!” 


Sandra Boswell.jpg

DAL Flight Attendant Sandra Boswell and Facilities Security Administrator Amy Boswell

“Working for the same Company as your daughter makes the world a smaller place. For example, I had a Customer on my flight named Gregg who shared that he is on his way to interview for Southwest. I shared with Gregg that my daughter works in the Southwest badging office and for him to please say hello to her when he arrived for his interview. Next thing I know, Amy texts me that Gregg stopped by and that they chatted and she made him feel comfortable and wished him well on his interview. Fast forward a bit, I received a text from Amy that she just issued Gregg his official Southwest Employee badge!”


Sue and Caitlin.JPGHOU Flight Attendants Sue and Caitlin Putnicki

“My mom, Sue, has been with Southwest for more than 35 years! I was lucky enough to grow up seeing the love and appreciation our Company brings to all of our Employees. Being able to follow in my mom’s footsteps has been so exciting and I know it’s made her proud. After being inflight, we definitely have some good stories to exchange! I look forward to continuing the family tradition with a long Southwest career!”


Rebecca Stanley.png

Flight Ops Crew Schedulers Rebecca Stanley and Mackenzie Julian 

“I am considered a ‘Boomerang Employee’ as I was a Customer Service Agent from 1992 to 2004 before leaving to stay at home with my twin boys. When they were almost 14, my husband Jon (also a Southwest Employee in our Network Operations Control) and I decided that the time was right for me to go back to work. And the choice of where to apply was easy—Southwest!


“My 23-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, decided to see for herself what Southwest is all about so we both applied for positions in Inflight and Flight Ops Scheduling. She ended up being hired a month and a half before me, and we love working together. Never in a million years would have thought I would have a career working with my kid. And, her brothers want to be Southwest Pilots. My husband and I met each other from a mutual friend working here at Southwest. Southwest has been a big part of our lives and always will be.”


Heather Payne.jpgBHM Customer Service Agents Heather Payne and Brittany Barnes
“I began my career with Southwest Airlines 17 years ago, when my daughter Brittany was just one year old. Many of our Coworkers have known her most of her life and they feel like family. We were all so excited and proud when she was hired. She is not just my daughter, she is also my best friend and now I also get to call her a Coheart! Working with her is always fun. She is great with Customers and loves playing gate games with them. I consider myself lucky to get to work with her every day!”


Haley Vinson.jpg

Oklahoma Center Customer Support &Services Customer Representatives Pam and Haley Vinson
“My mom, Pam, and I work together at our Oklahoma Center. My mom started in April 2016, and I started June 2017. We absolutely enjoy working together—we even sit right next to each other. We are always so happy to have lunch together and get to enjoy those special moments that create the memories that will last a lifetime. We are known as the Vinson Dynamic Duo! We both love Culture events and participate in them any chance we get. Working with my mom every day is an immeasurable blessing!”


Debi.jpgDAL Flight Attendants Debi and Amy McConnell
“It was in the spring of 2011 and with my daughter Amy’s encouragement, I applied and was hired as Southwest Flight Attendant at the ripe old age of 58. This job was literally a dream come true, as I'd had the wonderful opportunity as a little girl to fly quite frequently—developing a love of flight and the strong desire to become what was then called a "stewardess!” July will mark my seventh anniversary with Southwest and since Amy has 10 years seniority to me, we don’t get to fly together often. But our family jokes that we all have jet fuel coursing through our veins and that flying is in our DNA.  (My late son, Amy's little brother, was an F-16 pilot in the US Air Force.) The joy we share in being a part of the Southwest Family is one we hold dear ... a true blessing!”

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